Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Whole Lotta Sharin' Goin' On!

Hello Everyone!!
This is my favorite time of the school year.  We are finishing up our testing, the kids have become quite independent with everything, they have become readers and writers, they have become problem solvers, I could go on and on!  I want to share some of their darling work and a couple of free units.  First off, after the big chick hatching extravaganza, I decided to have the kids write about what they would do if they had a baby chick.  From what they wrote, they would make great chick owners!  I then let them create a chick! All I gave them was a yellow circle. They turned out so cute!

The next thing I want to share is the beginning of our poetry unit.  Yes, April is poetry month, but we are getting a bit of a late start. We began by talking about what a poem is, and created a "Poetree" anchor chart. I read some different types of poem including Shel Silverstein's Poet's Tree. We talked about how sometimes a poet has fun with words and makes us really think. Shel does exactly that!!  We decided to take the subject of spring and create a simple list poem that had some flair with how we published it. They turned out so sweet!

The last thing for tonight is a new unit I just finished. In science we are studying plants for the next couple of weeks and in math we begin our study of measurement using nonstandard units. Well, put those two curriculum areas together and you get "Splat the Cat, Oopsie Daisy" by Rob Scotton.  The kids looooove Splat, so I decided to use that little guy as our inspiration all next week. this little unit contains cross curricular learning opportunities.  Here's a peek!

These are just a few of the over 60 pages in the unit!  I hope you can use at least a few of them.  You have to go get that sweet book if you don't have it yet.  I found some at Target, but of course you can always get on Amazon or go to your favorite bookstore.

If you are interested in the unit, don't wait,
Well, that's all I've got for tonight!! Thanks for stopping by for another peek!!  Hope you can swing by again soon to check out what we're up to!!!  Now off to get my math tubs ready for next week! Can't wait!!
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Forward and Back-Skip counting to and from 120

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Easter Blessing to all! 
I hope you had a day filled with joy and hope!

This coming week we will be focusing on skip counting to and from 120. We have worked on skip counting before, but not to this extent.  Internalizing number patterns will help kids in any mental math that may come their way. We will focus on jumping off from the decade with our counting by 10's. We will work with our base 10 blocks and understand that adding rods adds 10 to what ever number you start with.  I wanted some extra work for our mini lessons and our math tubs and put together this little pack.  It has a cute little rabbit and carrot patch theme--We begin our plant unit this week too! Love some Tops and Bottoms!! Right?? :)
Here are a few pics from the 21 page pack.

As always, please let me know of any typos you detect or changes that should be made. Thanks!

Stay tuned for pics of kids playing the scamper game.  Can't wait!!
Till then, have a great rest of the day and week!  
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Math Fun, Synthesizing , and Baby Chicks! Oh My!

Hello Everyone!
Lots to share tonight! We have had so much "springtime learning fun" in math.  Last week I shared about a mini lesson in game form that we played on the lifesized 120 board with some wind-up chicks. Well, we got out the wind up bunnies this week.  We played a similar game yesterday, but today we shook things up a bit and included a chick and a bunny! The kids wound up the little hoppers and when each landed on two numbers, we had to first tell about greater and less than, but then we had to use different strategies to tell the difference.  It wasn't long before they realized that using the base ten model, finding the difference was easy!!  They thought they we were done with the problem after that, but noooo!  With a little hint from a fellow blogger (Pauline at Firstgradebythesea), I incorporated some movement into the scenerio!  After finding the difference, the kids had to hop or do that many jumping jacks!! Phew! One set of numbers had a difference of 41... the kids were pooped!! Here are a few pics!

You can get hopping chicks and bunnies at the Dollar Tree!! Make the 120 board on a shower curtain!! We've used ours all year!!

Now on to synthesizing.  I posted a couple of days ago about teaching kids about synthesizing while they are reading.  I introduced the concept using "The Little Island," and lots of discussion. We learned about the fact that we need to use our schema and our new thinking together to understand what our text selection is about. The kids had to take notes during the reading and then write what they thought the story was about using all of their new thinking.  They did a great job!!

 We continued today with synthesis focusing on the language of synthesis. We practiced synthesizing again using another book (this time an expository text) and used the words that help us organize our thoughts.

The kids had little bookmarks with language reminders to help them during "Read to Someone" time for Daily 5.  Supporting each other was important. Practice with this skill is important. Practice makes permanent!  You can get these little visual reminders.  CLICK HERE!! :) 
for your free printables.

Now, I promised the kids I would take pics of the new baby chicks that just hatched today so that moms and dads could see them.  We've been studying the life cycles of animals, finishing up this week.  We've also been waiting patiently for our school wide chick project to develop!  Tah! Dah!! Right on cue!! Happy Birthday to eight little babies!!! We love them already!!

They will be a huge inspiration when we start our poetry unit next week, I am sure!!
Well, thanks for hanging in there through this looooooong post, but I just had so much to share!!

Stay tuned, I've got some fun little math games for next week in the works!!

Thanks for stopping by for a peek!! You all are amazingly supportive!!
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